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The company that introduced coral supplementation to America. Coral LLC pioneered the harvesting of above sea fossilized Eco Safe coral and quickly became the best-selling coral in the USA. Coral and only coral is our business and fast friendly service is our mandate.

This coral is harvested from an above sea source. The ocean is never touched. The reef is never harmed. Taking marine coral from the ocean hurts the living coral reef. The marine coral around the reef is where the coral larvae begin life. Please help protect the reef, use only above sea fossilized coral that was pushed up above the ocean hundreds of thousands of years ago. Buy only Eco Safe



Coral complex3
Introducing new excipient free Coral Complex in vegetable capsules, now with 2400mg of bio-available coral calcium providing 72 trace minerals per serving along with 1200 IU's of Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin is necessary to charge the receptors in the small intestine that are instrumental in the uptake of calcium. This is the original coral calcium, the most effective and the purest. The formula has remained unchanged because it works so well. Coral Complex is available in 90 & 180 count bottles.

Coral White Toothpaste
Now available in mini travel sizes too!
Perhaps the cleanest and most effective toothpaste available, certainly the most unique. The structure of tooth enamel is actually a fine matrix of tubules conveying nutrients from the outside to the inside of the tooth and visa versa. Brushing your teeth with Coral White not only helps to prevent cavities, whitens teeth, and freshens breath, but because of the unique whole food mineral complex from coral minerals and zylitol, Coral White actually helps to re-mineralize tooth enamel.

Combining hydrogen peroxide for its gentle whitening effect, the essence of Tea Tree, Spearmint and Peppermint oils for their flavorful freshness with the antiseptic, antimicrobial and antioxidant botanicals of Echinacea, golden seal, cinnamon, clove, ginseng and ginkgo: Coral White is much more that a toothpaste it is nutrition in a tube. Coral White contains : No Fluoride, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no toxic preservatives, no artificial flovors and no other additives. Coral White is available in two flavors, Mint or Tea Tree

Cinnamon 6
It is a well know fact that excess sugar in one’s diet acidifies the body and opens the gates to serious diseases. This creates the need for more calcium consumption to counter act this dilemma (alkalinize the body). It is almost impossible even for the health conscious in today’s world to eat correctly. To help with this challenge we have worked closely with Dr. James Chappell, author of “One Son’s Quest for the Cause and Cure of Disease.” He has formulated an amazing product that significantly lowers glucose levels if used daily.

You are about to discover what ancient Chinese, Aborigine and South American Natives have known for centuries about the powerful effect that the herbs Cinnamon, Gymnema Sylvestre, Bitter Melon, Nopal Cactus, American Ginseng and Fenugreek provide. These herbs, mixed with chromium polynicatinate, may provide the tool needed to bridge the gap between what we want to eat and what we do eat.

All herbs used in this formula are either organic, wild harvested, non-fumigated, non-irradiated, pesticide free and/or non-genetically altered.

Daily D
PeDaily D, delivers a significant dose of 5,000 IU’s (international units) of Vitamin D3 as well as a 100 mg of calcium from coral per capsule. The inclusion of coral not only provides 10% RDA for calcium, but also doubles as the flowing agent so no artificial fillers, flowing agents, or excipients are used. Daily D is delivered in a very small #4 vegetable capsule and is very easy to swallow. News Headlines about Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, are appearing everywhere and medical journals are overflowing with the latest research results on vitamin D and the many ways it protects one's health. For additional information on Vitamin D3, its function, and importance visit www.vitamindcouncil.org


For more information go to: http://www.coralcalcium.com

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